Salt and Light of America

I am at perfect agree w/all you Brothers & Sisters, America sits in place of such apostasy she thinks no one can see that she has turned her back on God and continues to worship images of her own hands. But too much of cries, the blame should and is placed at the Door of the Church. Yes, I said the Church; we are called to the Salt & Light of the world. If the salt loses it savor it should be thrown out and when the light loses its brilliance darkness rules. These are the words of Christ Jesus not Ambe; the Salt is uses to stop corruption & darkness retreats in the presence of Light. But as you see the Church has left her first Love; the Lord Jesus Christ and has started to ‘sweetheart’ with others gods calling them Jesus.

The Old Testament is raffled through with types and shadow of such; Hosea is a great book showing the spiritually adultery I am referring to. Hosea 4: 1- 6, is the LORD God’s charges against Israel but we can also place these same charges at the feet of the Church. The Church has continued in her teaching and preaching of another Jesus to the point where you can put 5 Christians in a room and get 5 different versions of the Gospel. This shows how much the Preachers don’t know the Message of the Cross, which is the Gospel. Whether anyone wants to agree or not the Lord Jesus came to die for the sins of the world and redeem mankind back into the Presence of the LORD God per Genesis 3: 15. Adam lost this position for us but Christ got it back for us on the Cross of Calvary; for all those that believe. The Church of America has sounded like the Church of Laodicea for a few generations now and her sins have reached the Throne of God and are meant with severe chastisement.

America does not need a National Day of Prayer; we are need of National Repentance in the form of placing our Faith back to the Old Rugged Cross and our first love the Lord Jesus. I have been shot down for my position and voice in saying America is no longing Christian nation but nation that calling herself a Christian; yes there is a different. Christian Nations don’t abort their babies, ill- educate their children, allow homosexually marriage to be argued in the courts, & I could go on but we get the picture. Galatians 5: 22- 26 shows the Fruit of the Spirit but we show more of the works of the flesh vv. 19- 21.

If our Preachers would only preach & teach the Grace of God, Message of the Cross, Christ & Him Crucified, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus, and the New Covenant, which are one and the same; we wouldn’t have so much violence in the land. The Church needs a better of understanding of the Parable of Jesus and Romans 6, 7, and 8 so she can shine as the Bride of Christ in presence of this perverse generation.


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