The Artist Named God

Genesis 1
When we look at the first sentence in the Bible, “In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth.” we tend to run pass it to get to the deeper things of the Word of God. But as all Bible teachers will tell you, if you believe this statement then the rest of the book will be easy to absorb. In coming to verse two we find the Spirit of God painting on the canvas of the void and deep. To look at the world and not see God is like looking at an elephant and not seeing big. God is the Author of the Bible and the Artist of creation.
The phrase, “And God…” is quoted some twenty- nine times, and with each time God has either said, created, blessed, or saw. This shows us that God was alone in forming the natural world. Contrary to the science community evolution is figment of the imagination but creation is the Work of God. How can we look at a blade of grass with its green veined tints, the powdery feel of a monarch butterfly’s wings, how a birds knows how to catch the wind for their wings, and how cold and moisten the air needs to be for snow to fall was all placed in order by God inside His Counsel. And with the finish of every individual strokes on His painting He stepped back and blessed it or called it good then gave it all to man to for our enjoyment.

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