Justified by Faith Pt9

Romans 3: 29, “Or is God the God of the Jews only? Is He not God of Gentiles also? Yes, of Gentiles also,” (NASB)
Paul asks a question and the answer should be obvious. The Jews felt that the Gentiles were out of the Will of God, out of the scope of Salvation. When in act Genesis 12: 3 says that all the families of the Earth will be saved through Abram. Case in point, the Children of Israel were supposed to evangelize to the world about the coming Redeemer. But turn inward and made Gentiles less because they did not have the Law. If they want to be Saved they would have to first become Jews and undergo all types of Rituals and Ceremonies that the Jews came up with not God, Matthew 23: 15.

Now to be sure, the Church has falling to this same practice. The Church has come up with varies denominations and each one of them has their own Rituals and Ceremonies and you will have to jump through hoops just to be an activity member. Some have even taken Jesus out of His rightful place in the forefront and put Him to the rear so that they can put their agendas in the front.

The Cross of Christ has been represent with mans plan of salvation, which almost always come with a price tag attached to it. See you can not sell the Cross because it to gruesome, but you can sell just a golden cross with diamonds, rubies or what kind of jewels you prefer. The cross means that your Salvation was bought with a price; the Precious Blood of the Son of God, and all that believe that Jesus Christ is Lord are Saved, Galatians 3: 28.

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