Justified by Faith Pt8

Romans 3: 28, “For we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from works of the Law.” (NASB)
Now this should put down any idea of works having anything to with justification. This is another slap in the face of man; we so desperately want to add in our Salvation that we would even go the extreme and willfully disobey God and call it total obedience, Isaiah 64: 6.

Please don’t walk away in thinking that we don’t need to keep the Commandments, get water baptized, take the Lord’s Supper, and do good deeds. We should and must do our part in the Kingdom but these activities afford us nothing in the way of our Salvation. Why do you think it is called the Finished Work of Christ? If Christ needed our help He would have asked us, but He didn’t.

Paul was talking to the Jews who believe that Salvation came by works. And why shouldn’t they; they are the Chosen People of God, the people in which God would bring a Redeemer to the World; God gave them the Laws and the Prophets. So why shouldn’t the Children of Israel expect everybody to have to do something. They went through countless generation of works and now all of it was over and by One man. They felt that this Jesus was changing their way of life, and He was ushering in a way of live that would put them in a lesser position, Matthew 5: 17. The Lord Jesus did all the work, and we need to do is accept this work.

This must have been the stumbling block of 1 Corinthians 1: 23. Stumbling Block or not we must not allow unbelief to take us out of the Will of God. Hebrews 3: 12- 19 calls us into the remembrance of Israel’s falling away from the Living God. Do not let your heart be hardened because you might gasp the idea that we can not do anything to save ourselves, this is the good news. God took all the guess work out, Colossians 2: 6, 7.

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