Justified by Faith Pt7

Romans 3: 27, “Where then is boasting? It is excluded. By what kind of law? Of works? No but by a law faith.” (NASB)

This verse speaks to those of us that think that we can do something to earn the Righteousness of God. The grace of God is a free gift. Free means that we can not pay for it. The Apostle Paul was talking to the Jews who use the fact that they had the Law which was their works. But if works could earn grace, then grace isn’t free.

Salvation is something that man can not boast about obtaining for himself and the very idea of it makes man excluded from it. This is one of the main reasons why the Cross of Christ offends people. It slaps at the face of those that feel that they can do something, provide some kind of act, or do some regiment of religious activities. Paul showing us that the Law can not save us and the Law could not save us.

The purpose for the Law was two fold. First it defined sin. Then after defining sin, it would shine a light on man’s spiritual weakness. The spiritual weakness is our inability to do what God has commanded. For some it proved to have a very different reaction. In trying to live up to the Law, some had begun to take a superior attitude which bred self-righteousness. And the load of self-righteousness carries the burden of boasting.

In short we have in front of us two Laws; the Law of Moses and the Law of Faith. The Law of Moses is when man does it all while the Law of Faith is what God did for us. All we have to do is take God at His Word and exhibit Faith in Him as our Lord and Saviour and God will do what His Word says because He is bound by His Word and can not fail. It is the Law.

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