Justified by Faith Pt3

Romans 3: 23, “for all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God,” (NASB)
The statement sums up why we need Jesus. God can not have sin around Him at all; He is a thrice Holy God. The idea that we come short of the glory of God means He can not look at us and see something worth salvaging. Think about it like this; God bought a worthless landfill to built His Kingdom so He’s got a lot of excavating to do. Isn’t that just wonderful God wants to use us for His Kingdom?

As we have learned sin means to miss the mark that God has set the standards which we have not come close to living up to them. The Ten Commandments are the set at such a low threshold; don’t kill nobody, Exodus 20: 13, don’t lie, Exodus 20: 16, be good to your parents, Exodus 20: 12. I mean God really set it low but we still just can not seem to get it through our thick heads. Okay take lying; don’t lie to anyone for any reason for one day. Here’s what really got me, don’t lie according to what God says a lie is. Someone asks you what time it is, tell them the exact time according the God. Don’t just glances at your watch and say twenty minutes to one, when it really nineteen minutes to one. Yeah, you didn’t mean to miss lead them on what time it was but you still lied. And now you are a lying lawbreaker.

We can not say that sin is just falling to obey God’s Law because we have several instances where man exhibited sin before the Law was given to Moses. Genesis 13: 13, “Now the men of Sodom were wicked exceedingly and sinners against the LORD.”(NASB) Genesis 42: 22, “And Rueben answered them, saying, ‘Did I not tell you. “Do not sin against the boy”; and you would not listening? Now comes the reckoning for his blood.”(NASB) These two scriptures should be enough to show us the God the Creator placed Himself inside of us and that piece of God’s Divine Nature bears witness for us that we are doing something wrong.

My son was on the floor with a piece of paper trying to put it under the door. Now just to look at him he wasn’t doing anything that me nor his Mother told him not to do, but when I went to him and asked,’ What you doing?” He jumped up and run. Why? Because in his little heart he knew he was doing something wrong and he was guilty of something. Now I still don’t know what he did wrong. That’s between him and God. Romans 2: 16 tells us that Christ Jesus will judge the secrets of men. And here’s just a little puff in Daddy’s chest, on Sunday my little man wants to go to Jesus’ House, listen to them sing, watch the man talk, and get cake and juice.

How many time in your prayer closet have you cried, “O wretched man that I am! Who can set me free from the body of this death?” Romans 6: 24

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