God Said

Genesis 3
Looking at the Fall of Man in the Garden we see that man went against what God said. This is the problem we have to this very day we feel the need to go against what God said. Mainly because we think God is keeping some pleasure from us but in fact God is keeping us from a pleasure we can live without. God told man not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil, but because the serpent told Eve that God was keeping a piece of His Majesty from them, she heeded to his word and not the Word from God. Sound familiar? But on the contrary, God was keeping the experience of knowing more than we can handle. And as a resolute of this disobedience we have more knowledge than we can handle and we are temporarily out of the Presence of God.
Disobedience carries a terrible price. This price lays at our door step of mankind upon the birth, death. It’s like walking through a store and knowing we don’t have enough to pay for anything in it but we are steady putting items in the basket. And for meaning of us, we know that we just can’t stay in the store for life, at some point in time we have to check out.
The question on top of the question is: Have we every really thought how expensive the items are and all the items have the same price; death? But to answer the question, yes I do feel hemmed in by God commands. But I feel more hemmed in by the consequences disobedience brings. Beings though we don’t own anything, everything comes with price. The question at checkout line is; have you chosen your method of payment?

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